My sort of dietitian is one well-versed in the science and confident enough in it to be able to reach beyond it to serve an individual in a personal yet informed way. It's the combination of high-tech and high-touch that's rate. Cynthia's got it! -Annie B. Kay, MS, RDN, E-RYT
Annie B. Kay, MS, RDN, E-RYT
Knowledgeable decisive, and supportive.
Thomas Portney, LISW-CP, CNT, Neurotherapist-Psychotherapist
She is the most knowledgeable nutritionist in the CSRA
Dr. Kim Hammond-Beyer, DC
Cyndi is a fabulous dietitian and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. She is a great asset in helping design nutrition guidelines and diet plans for my patients when they are trying to lose weight, avoid certain foods or simply eat a healthier diet. Cyndi helps my patients learn to make diet changes permanent to create a new way of life.
Jordann A. Burns, PA-C, University Medical Associates of Aiken
Cyndi does a wonderful job educating my patients on the fundamentals of realistic diets and weight management.
Marc H. Brickman, DO
Mrs. Cyndi Foster Catts has been a valuable "go-to" resource for my general medical practice for over 20 years. The patients referred to her throughout that time have received solid, science based, recommendations and on-going follow up care from Cyndi. I myself have sought a dietary/nutritional assessment at her office that included a very sensitive measurement of basal metabolic rate. This is a number that is integral in setting up a meal plan especially since it may vary so widely from patient to patient and is difficult to estimate. She has communicated with me through follow up notes faxed after she finishes with each visit. There have been 2 patients over the years who had Anorexia Nervosa. This serious disorder was resolved in both cases through close follow up by Mrs. Catts with good outcomes. To this day we continue to refer patients and keep Cyndi's professional business cards in each exam room. If her practice were a movie, it would get two resounding "thumbs up."
F. Michael Vasovski, DO
Cyndi Catts is an outstanding Nutritionist. She is highly professional, dedicated and caring. Her holistic approach is in accordance with my general philosophies and therefore I refer many of my patients to her. I am very pleased with the feedback that I get from my patients upon seeing her.
Danijela Zotovic, MD
When I got on the scale this morning I had lost 13 pounds! I am so excited and thankful. I really feel like Cyndi has transformed my life and these small changes have made such drastic differences not only in my weight and metabolism but also in my pain management.
Jennifer R., Professor
Cyndi is someone that lives her truth and that holds great value for me. With Cyndi's guidance and expertise we discovered the culprits of my weight gain and severe muscle pain. I was taken aback, realizing how much of my food intake was considered inflammatory. Once I immediately made the changes, I was amazed at how some minor adjustments could have such profound results. I am now on a plant based diet and teaching yoga again...feeling good physically, mentally and spiritually.
In deep gratitude, Trina Ford, NCTMB, IHC, Integrative Health Coach
Before meeting Cyndi, my wife and I were "nutrition information junkies" searching everywhere for enlightenment on the newest supplements, how to read labels, etc. Then Cyndi opened our eyes to a whole new world of healthy eating. She is as friendly as she is well-informed, always encouraging and shares her abundant knowledge freely. We are so happy to be working with Cyndi!
Craig Ellis
Cyndi Catts has been such a help to me! She is so knowledgeable and encouraging. She has guided me in identifying and managing several food related concerns. She always has helpful suggestions and good information. Thank you Cyndi!
Years of chronic sinus and respiratory infections, as well an dangerous asthma attacks due to exposure to a mold spore, were taking a toll on my health. I also have suffered from debilitating fatigue and pain throughout my body which was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Weight gain ensued, leading to high blood pressure, which contributed to two mild heart attacks and three TIAs. Numerous visits to various doctors, only resulted in increased quantities of medications to be taken, and no improvement in my overall health. A holistic practitioner referred me to Cyndi and I do not think I would be here today, if it were not for both of them. Cyndi has educated and counseled me on proper nutrition to heal my body. Cyndi improved my health, when others could not. I have lost twenty pounds, I no longer require medications for allergies, blood pressure, pain or reflux. Food is healing me. I will always be grateful to Cyndi for her thoughtfulness and compassion. She is my personal health advocate, celebrating my every success. It is Cyndi's commitment and passion to heal through nutrition, that has given me my life back.
Georgia H.
Cyndi has been a valuable professional resource, especially pertaining to the psychological and medical aspects of nutrition. Our relationship has been crucial to helping me become a better fitness coach. Healthy and consistent nutritional habits are prerequisites for physical fitness.
Bill Cunningham, NFPT, Certified Fitness Coach
Cyndi Catts has been an integral part of the City of Aiken's wellness efforts since 2003. Many of our employees have worked with Cyndi to learn about better nutrition and proper weight loss. Cyndi is always a popular speaker and presenter at our wellness events!
Al Cothran, City of Aiken
I have been a client of Cynthia's for 8 months now and I have lost 46 lbs in that time. I give the credit to Cynthia and her plan for me. I have followed her plan and the results have been wonderful.
Dave Hill, Aiken, SC
Several years ago I gave myself a present and it was an appointment to see Cynthia Catts. That continues to be the best on-going gift as she has given me the tools to a more healthy life.
Cyndi Catts is a young, bright professional who does not lecture, but teaches one to make smart choices. My weight is coming off slowly and staying off and I am feeling and looking healthy.
Skipper Perry, Aiken, SC
If you need a push in the right direction, go see her. 74 lb later, and eating clean.
Dan Bullington
I was at a point of no return. My symptoms were getting worse each and every day. Since I have been seeing Cyndi, I have felt less frustration and confusion because she has clarified the things in my life that I needed to change. Even though I have only been seeing her for a short time, she has been more helpful and has provided more guidance than anyone else I have seen in the past two years. Her positive and consistent nutritional support is above all else and is going to help me live healthier and extend my life.
I was diagnosed with extremely high triglycerides and instructed by my physician to take statin drugs. I wished to avoid taking drugs to solve this problem. Based upon nutritional and diet advice provided by Cynthia Catts, I was able to reduce my triglycerides into excellent range within six weeks. Cynthia was knowledgeable with a very kind approach.
Kathy Harris
Cyndi has been a valuable and comforting professional in my life when I was very ill and she shared my happiness as I recovered. I am truly grateful that she is in my circle of people that I can trust.
Julia Mitchell
I've learned that when you feed your body the right nutrition you don't crave the junk anymore. It is powerful when you feel in control. Cyndi makes sense and when you follow her advice you will have control also.
Marianne Berry
I first visited Cyndi because of weight and hormonal issues. She guided me through those concerns and now I visit her approximately every six months to update my nutritional needs. I carry all of my supplements to her office, where she provides suggestions based on my particular body needs at that time. Cyndi's professionalism and knowledge have led me to recommend her to both friends and family. She has a stellar reputation in our community and we are grateful for her expertise.
Marcie B.
Cyndi is compassionate, kind, patient, and knowledgeable. She has helped me to be more aware of my food choices and to eat healthier.
I have found Cyndi to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and warm. She has helped me several times in the past few years to adjust my eating habits as I dealt with cancer and several other health issues. Her counsel enabled me to get through my treatments in fairly good health and spirits. I highly recommend her.
Harriet K.
...very professional, takes a personal interest in her clients and listens well.
Cyndi Catts was so helpful to my husband when he was first diagnosed with diabetes. She had more helpful hints about what he should eat than other diabetics we knew had ever heard of. Today he is off all his medication and his doctor said "If I didn't know you had diabetes, I wouldn't believe you do." We credit Cyndi with so much helpful information.
Otto and Susan
You are a good coach and have a good plan! My weight has come down from 208 to 178. If my A1c comes down again in September, my diabetes medicine will be eliminated! Blood sugar level is now consistently below 100. Good stuff.
R.H., Aiken, SC is important to me that I have a trusted medical professional to reconcile with my food choices. She is my "go to" person concerning food choices.
R.H., Aiken, SC