For over 35 years, Cyndi has practiced nutrition therapy as a registered, licensed dietitian in the Aiken Augusta area and has been a motivational speaker in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. She has written for many publications including Bella Magazine, The Aiken Times, Arthritis Today, The Aiken Standard and The Augusta Chronicle. She has been featured on local radio and television programs. She has participated in such programs as Aiken’s Senior Extravaganza, The City of Aiken’s Wellness Program and National Police Mountain Bike Instructor Courses, and various workshops held at Savannah River Site, Hitchcock Healthcare, various women’s clubs, civic groups and support groups.

She has volunteered her time facilitating various health-related support groups, mentoring and counseling young women at Aiken’s Nurture Home and participates in pro bono work on an as needed basis. Well known in the Aiken Augusta medical community, Cyndi receives referrals from Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Health Coaches but does not require a medical referral from a new client.

Cyndi has partnered with many area Physicians seeing patients in their offices as well as in her own office in the beautiful Woodside Executive Park. In addition to private counseling, Cyndi has taught courses at The University of South Carolina’s Lifelong Learning Classes.

Cyndi's areas of specialty include:

Utilizing an evidence-based science approach, Cyndi draws upon research associated with the glycemic index and evidence of the benefits of following an anti-inflammatory diet and elimination diets when necessary. She includes metabolism measurement (using technology of indirect calorimetry) to determine calorie needs for both weight gain and weight loss.

Rather than prescribing diets, Cyndi works with her clients as individuals to help them glean an understanding of current eating behavior. Behavior modification techniques are utilized to slowly bring about a different approach to planning, shopping, cooking and enjoying meals.